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HEMT devices are three-terminal voltage-controlled devices with three electrodes: the gate, source, and drain. The gate is typically a Schottky contact electrode, while the source and drain are Ohmic contact electrodes. By adjusting the applied gate voltage relative to the source, you can control the density of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in the channel, thereby controlling the drain current (output current) based on the gate voltage and drain voltage.

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Datasheet Photo Package Part Number Technical TypeFrequency(GHz)Typical Small Signal Gain(dB)Typical Output PowerPAEBias Voltage(V)
Download Hermetic Mental Ceramic Internally Matched Transistor 0.25um 4.0-8.0 7 49dBm(C/W) 35% 28V/1A
Download Hermetic Mental Ceramic Power Amplifier Module 0.25um 2~8 25 43.5dBm@Vd=28V 30% 28V,-1.8V(Typical)

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