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The Development and Analysis of Chinese Electronic Components Industry

Jun. 17, 2023


In the resent year, the Chinese electronic industry is continuously growth in high speed, driving a strong development in Electronic components industry. China has the maximum capacity for many categories of electronic components in the world, and the electronic components industry occupies a very important position in the international market. At the same time, the rapid development of the electronic information industry at home and abroad has brought broad market application prospects to the upstream electronic components industry.

The electronic components manufacturing industry is a basic supporting industry for the electronic information industry. With the transfer of international manufacturing to China, the electronic components industry in mainland China has been developing rapidly. In terms of segmentation, with the development of 4G, mobile payment, information security, automotive electronics and Internet of Things, the IC industry has entered a period of rapid development; in addition, the scale of the LED industry is also expanding, the semiconductor sector is becoming increasingly mature, panel prices have stopped falling and demand relations have improved slightly, creating a broad space for growth in this industry.

China has the largest number of electronic component manufacturers in the world. For electronic component companies, they must keep pace with the development of the times if they want to stand firm in the rapidly developing electronics industry. According to their objective conditions and advantages, they selectively focus on the market, choose key customers and provide diversified support according to their different needs, while optimizing operational efficiency, building e-commerce platforms and improving talent training mechanisms. With the support of national policies and key developments, China's electronic components industry is generally upward and in a period of rapid development.

The Development and Analysis of Chinese Electronic Components Industry

In order to strengthen the development of the basic electronic components industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Action Plan for the Development of the Basic Electronic Components Industry (2021-2023) in 2021, and established a coordination mechanism to promote its effective implementation. In 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued relevant documents to support the use of market-oriented operations to promote electronic components and integrated circuit trade services, and to promote upstream and downstream supply chains and industry chain integration clusters Development.

Under the background of strong support from national policies and continuous promotion of market demand, China's electronic components industry has entered a stage of rapid development. With the continuous transformation and upgrading of the domestic electronic information industry, the requirements for electronic components will also continue to improve. China's electronic components industry will gradually change from low-cost advantages to high-end product advantages. High level of core technology, strong innovation ability of electronic components enterprises will dominate the market competition in the future, to further improve the concentration of the industry, to promote China's transformation from a large production country to a large manufacturing country.

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