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The Outlook Report for the Development of Chinese Electronic Components

Jun. 16, 2023


Nowadays, the society is inseparable from all areas of electronic components, electronic components industry has become a rapidly developing industry. China as the first industrial country, has formed the world's largest production and sales scale, a complete range of categories, the complete industrial chain of electronic components industry system, the overall size of the electronic components industry exceeded 2 trillion yuan.

Electronic component is a general term for components and devices. Electronic components refer to the finished products that do not change the molecular composition in the factory production and processing, because it does not produce electrons, no control and conversion of voltage, current, so also known as passive devices;electronic devices are finished products that change their molecular structure in factory production and processing, such as transistors, vacuum tubes, integrated circuits, etc., because they can produce electrons and control and convert voltages and currents (amplification, switching, rectification, detection, oscillation and modulation, etc.), so they are also called active devices.

The technical level and production process of electronic components are key factors to determine the performance of terminal electronic products, especially active devices led by IC integrated circuits, which directly determine the performance level of electronic products in terms of power, signal transmission and processing efficiency.

The rapid start-up and rapid development of products such as automotive electronics, PDAs, Internet application products and set-top boxes have greatly driven the development of China's electronic components market. In addition, the Chinese electronic components market is still experiencing strong demand for computers and related products, consumer electronics and other areas, which will be the driving force for growth.

The Outlook Report for the Development of Chinese Electronic Components

Electronic components are the key factors affecting the performance of the electronic machine. In recent years, with the continuous development of the electronic information industry and the gradual rise of new energy, the Internet of Things and other emerging electronic industries, the market demand for electronic components is on the rise and the industry has entered a period of rapid development.

The electronic components industry is between the electronic raw materials and the complete machine industry. The raw materials are magnetic core, enamelled wire, skeleton and some auxiliary materials. The products are used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, aerospace and military industries and other downstream fields.

In terms of the quality of electronic components, there are international certifications such as the CE certification of the EU, UL certification of the USA, VDE and TUV certification of Germany and CQC certification of China to ensure the quality of components. Electronic technology has become an important symbol of the development of modern science and technology.

The electronic components industry is developing towards high-end and refinement, and high quality, high stability, high precision and high reliability components have become the most popular products in the market. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other technologies, intelligence has become an important trend in the electronic components industry. In the future, electronic components will be more intelligent and can better serve human life and industrial development.

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