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Wafer Foundry

With accumulated over the course of more than a decade, PlutoChip takes pride in its professional foundry service in semiconductor technology. Our design and process expertise extends across a wide range of fields, including MEMS sensors, biochips, optoelectronic chips, RF chips, and power devices.

With our mature design and process team, we are capable of delivering comprehen-sive technical and foundry services, including customized design and development, foundry services, process validation, and packaging testing for system solutions.

Wafer Foundry

As a technology company that is dedicated to the design and processing of MEMS chips and discrete devices, PlutoChip boasts abundant foundry resources. We offer a full range of processing capabilities for 4/6/8-inch wafers with 0.5um-3um standards, as well as various single or multi-step processes.

Our processing capabilities include mature lithography, etching, plating, packaging, testing, and other advanced equipment with excellent performance and stable processes.

We are committed to the development of our unique processes and services, which allows us to provide both standard and customized processes to meet the specific needs of our clients. At PlutoChip, we place a great deal of importance on collaborating with small and medium-sized clients, and we are eager to grow together with them. Our dedication to providing outstanding services and expertise makes us a reliable partner for all your semiconductor technology needs.

Process of Foundry Service

Make a Request

Product ideas Technical discussion


Specification Confirmed

Design, Discusstion, practice


Trial Production

Trial production of new products Evaluate Feedback


Prepare for mass production

Confrim mass producion Production plan


Mass Production

Mass Production


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